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Down the road…and back to the cross

Today marks two years since we returned to the US from Shanghai. I have been back to China a few times since then though Angela and the boys haven’t. The real story (for me at least) is how God has continued to lead us and call us back to the cross in the two years since our return.

We were welcomed back by family and found a place to establish our base. We got a house that fits us well, but in a most unexpected way. We were able to write the book and publish it last summer. We have found ways to connect with people on our street, in the schools, at church, out in the community and even in other parts of the world through our writing. Through it all, God keeps leading us further down the road, and back to the cross.

In celebration of our two years back, Back to the Cross (ebook version on Amazon) is available for free download, but just for today. If you don’t have your own ebook, you can get it today for free (or any day on Amazon for a reasonable price).

Our message is not “How we got to China” or even “Why you should go.” The real message of the book is “Back to the Cross (why God wants your heart and the amazing things He’s ready to show you)”. Let us hear your story of back to the cross so we can be encouraged and amazed with you, okay?

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