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2 Corinthians 11 tweet & St Jerome

Etching.  St Jerome by Rembrandt

Etching. St Jerome by Rembrandt

Tweet for 2 Corinthians 11.
Listening to people with a true knowledge of God is a gift! Been blessed, also misled by a few. #discernment

I am almost there, a few more tweets and I’ll be done with tweeting 2 Corinthians in 140 characters!

Last fall, I decided to read 2 Corinthians in a way that would offer relevance to my current life. I titled my devotional “Nothing to Lose”. It was fun for a while but soon I started hitting roadblocks. As a way to not give up, I decided to include in my devotional reading, tweets.

I discovered the cute blue bird icon in 2010. But I saw no point in having an account then. Last year, I did. The usefulness of the account came in being able to summarize passages from 2 Corinthians into 140 characters. Lovely exercise. MADE ME FOCUS!

I can’t say I am made a scholar out of it but I enjoyed using my time there that way. I also took on finding appropriate visuals to match those tweets. The point? Just my way to keep God’s Word and things I love close to me. What is yours?

St Jerome is a saint I discovered many years ago in an art museum in Dallas. It was one by Caravaggio. But for this entry, I chose one by Rembrandt. It is a visual worth studying. I guess the reminder of a contemplative self is useful. For one, it reminds me to separate false apostles from my life. And when I realize I have misled others, to stop it. I think the Bible calls it repentance.

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